Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller File for Divorce

Charlie Sheen’s recent unpleasantness in New York might have been overblown in the media, but his personal life is far less than idyllic.

TMZ reports that Sheen and his wife, Brooke Mueller, filed for divorce on Monday. According to a 43-page property settlement document that the couple—who were wed in 2008—signed in May, Sheen and Mueller will share joint custody of their two children, Bob and Max. Mueller will receive $55,000 a month child support, plus a lump sum of $757,689.70. Though Sheen will retain the family house, he will have to shell out approximately $1 million to Mueller for it.

The documents list the date of their separation as 12/25/2009—the same date as the massive argument that the couple had at their Aspen home, during which Sheen allegedly threatened Mueller with a knife.

Mueller is Sheen’s third wife.