Ronnie and Vinny Swap ‘Shore’ Roles on ‘The Seven’

It was a spooky Halloween show on MTV’s The Seven — not so much because people were dressed as ghouls or zombies, but because it featured Jersey Shore stars Vinny and Ronnie as, well, creepy versions of their housemates.

Vinny rocked a ridiculous-yet-awesome Snooki costume (which co-host Julie Alexandra was also sporting), while Ronnie donned a fake blow-out and fake tats to put on his best Pauly D. As they entered, co-host Kevin Manno gasped at the sight, blurting out: “Oh my God, hideous.” He then astutely pointed out that Vinny has “smooshed” his own costume.

Alexandra told Celebuzz initially wanted to rock a superhero costume, but when she decided to go Snooki, “it was all or nothing.”

Like a trooper, Vinny showed his pouf and nails off a la Snooks, and even shared a Halloween treat (a pickle) Lady and the Tramp-style with Julie/Snooki. Watch it all go down in the video below, and catch The Seven every weekday at 5pm EST.