Whitney Port is Looking for The Great American Boyfriend

While The City may have been cancelled, reality star Whitney Port is still keeping busy.

The fashion designer is adding “host” to her resume, as she will be the frontwoman for the web series Genuine Ken: The Search for the Great American Boyfriend.

Whit posted on her blog:

“The purpose of the show is to find a guy that embodies all of the qualities of Barbie’s longtime boyfriend, Ken.”

While Whitney is used to (mostly) unscripted TV, hosting was something she was a little nervous for:

“Today is the first day of filming and I was so nervous this morning because I’ve never hosted something before. I called my mom and she just totally eased my nerves (I’m still such a mama’s girl haha).”

Congrats on the new gig Whitney!

Will you guys tune into Genuine Ken? Let us know and drop a comment!

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