Can Rehab Save Demi Lovato? Experts Weigh In

Teen star Demi Lovato is in rehab reportedly for issues dealing with a past history of eating disorders and self-harm. Experts tell Celebuzz that the young celeb could overcome this issues and move on with her career – but only if she recieves the proper treatment.

Demi’s rep confirmed that the starlet checked into a treatment center this weekend for “emotional and physical issue.” According to People, the young Disney star had battled problems with eating disorders and cutting in the past, leading many to believe that Demi was seeking treatment for those issues.

While fans are concerned about Demi’s health, many are wondering if the star will be able to recover from these issues and continue on with her career.

Celebuzz spoke with two experts about Demi’s alleged problems and they both agreed that the Sonny with a Chance star can overcome her personal problems with the proper treatment.

Lynn Grefe, the CEO of National Eating Disorders Association, told Celebuzz in a statement that Demi – and other people with eating disorders – can move on from their disorders with good help.

“While we cannot speak to any specific case or Demi Lovato’s health, we can assure the public that people do get well from eating disorders, especially if they are motivated to do so,” Lynn said. “Cases vary, and the longer a person struggles the harder it can be to recover, but gratefully most do get well if they receive appropriate treatment.”

As your readers may know, eating disorders have the highest death rate of any mental illness,” Lynn continued, “So it is vital that people do get the help they need as soon as possible.”

According to People, Demi had often had issues dealing with her weight. “She definitely had body-image issues,” and insider tells the magazine, “She was always conscious of her weight.”

The 17-year-old star also told the magazine that her “You Make Me Beautiful” tattoo on her rib was meant to remind her of the help she had when she had self-image issues.

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Meanwhile, Wendy Lader, the President of S.A.F.E. Alternatives, an organization that helps young people who perform self-injury, says that self-harm is also an issue that people can and do overcome through treatment.

“We don’t look at this as something like an addiction where you are always addicted,” says Wendy, “It’s a coping strategy […] Self-injury is a coping strategy like bulimia and anorexia – they are coping strategies that are meant to modulate emotional states and emotions. So, when people are feeling too much and they don’t want to [feel], self-injury can have a calming effect.”

However, Wendy explains, self-injury isn’t a real solution to dealing with your problems. When treating people who use self-injury, Wendy says that her organization “encourages people to not use their coping strategy” and instead “deal with their emotions.”

A family friend tells People that Demi was always very in touch with her emotions. “”She’s very sensitive, very intuitive and that is part of what makes her a wonderful performer – very talented. It is double-edged sword. I think she felt that the hard time she had [in school], problems with kids who were incredibly vicious made her stronger. But none of us feels strong every day.”

Hopefully Demi will get the help that she needs and will be ready to take the world by storm with her amazing talent.

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