Demi Lovato: Were There Signs of Trouble?

While the news of teen star Demi Lovato checking herself into rehab broke on Monday night, there had been some signs that something was amiss in Disney star’s world over the past week.

The Camp Rock star abruptly shut down her Twitter account over the weekend with little explanation. Demi’s last tweet was a reminder for fans to join “The Surge,” a charity program started by Do Something to encourage young people to get involved in their communities.

Demi also tweeted about her faux engagement to a young fan in Columbia. “No I’m not really engaged to my fan,” Demi tweeted on October 28, “That was just a joke!!!”

Check out the video of Demi getting faux engaged below.

Although Demi usually refrained from tweeting melancholy moments, she did hint that she was missing someone back home.

“I hate it when you can’t sleep ’cause you miss somebody back home,” she tweeted on October 26.

Demi’s friend, Nick Jonas, may have inadvertently hinted that something was going on in his friend’s life. On October 24 the youngest member of the Jonas Brothers (who were touring with Demi at the time of her rehab check-in) tweeted a kind message to his friend: “Demi, you are the best! Cheers to a good 4 years of friendship…and to many years to come!”

Nick also tweeted a seemingly random Bible passage, which may have been meant as encouragement for his troubled friend. On October 29, right before Demi pulled out of the tour and entered rehab, Nick tweeted “Psalm 31,” a Bible reference which deals with a troubled person seeking refuge.

Read an except from Psalm 31:9-10 below.

Be merciful to me, LORD, for I am in distress;
   my eyes grow weak with sorrow,
   my soul and body with grief.
 My life is consumed by anguish
   and my years by groaning;
my strength fails because of my affliction,
   and my bones grow weak.

Shortly after Nick tweeted the Psalm 31 reference, #prayfordemi became a trending topic on Twitter and many Disney fans began whispering about Demi being checked into the hospital for unknown reasons.

On Monday, Demi’s confirmed that the star had checked into a rehab facility for “emotional and physical issues” over the weekend.

Do you think these were signs that Demi was in trouble? Share your thoughts below.