Did a Reality Show Prompt Sheen-Mueller Divorce?

Charlie Sheen filed for divorce from Brooke Mueller earlier than the couple had originally planned because the Two and Half Men star didn’t want his dirty laundry to be a part of his estranged wife’s upcoming reality show, or so say sources to TMZ

Back in May, following a widely-publicized domestic dispute last Christmas, they signed divorce and property settlement papers that all but finalized their split — except they agreed to hold off on filing them until the time was right. 

Sources say Sheen had second thoughts about this arrangement, however, because of his wife’s plans for a reality TV show with Paris Hilton that he suspected would put his personal life on display

As previously reported, Sheen’s proposed divorce settlement calls for Mueller to receive $55,000 a month in child support for their two children Bob and Max, as well as a one-time sum of $757,689.70. In addition, Sheen can keep the couple’s home on the condition he forks over a cool million dollars to Mueller.

Of course, this turn of events comes not long after reports of his alleged out-of-control behavior after an all-night bender with a porn star. He was hospitalized after the incident for what his rep called an “allergic reaction”.

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