Has Salma Hayek Found the New ‘Ugly Betty’?

Salma Hayek hit TV gold when she adapted Betty La Fea, a Mexican telenovela, for American audiences and now the actress-cum-producer is hoping to make a hit again with a new telenovela.

Salma and her producing partner Jose Tamez have sold an American adaptation of the Argentinean telenovela Los Roldan to ABC.

Salma and Jose famously spun Betty La Fea into Ugly Betty, one of ABC’s biggest hits.

Watch a video from Ugly Betty below.

Variety reports that Salma will be taking former Ugly Betty writers Veronica Becker and Sarah Kucserka with her to the new show as writers and executive producers. Los Roldan follows a working-class man who saves the life of a wealthy women and is hired to run her company. Like Ugly Betty, the show mixes drama and comedy.

Check out this video synopsis of the hit Argentinean show (sadly, it is only available in Spanish).

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