Justin Bieber Debuts Unplugged Album Cover

Prepare for “Baby: Unplugged!” Singer/future movie star Justin Bieber is ditching his trademark headset and picking up his guitar for his new album, My World Acoustic. An extra-sensitive Baby Biebs can already be seen strumming in the above album cover revealed on his official website.

Biebs already got all acoustic on us in a recent World Series performance, but the forthcoming unplugged album (coming Nov. 23) is “Justin’s gift back to his fans for all their support,” according to his site. That means nine Biebs’ classics from My World and My World 2.0 will get the acoustic treatment – plus one brand new song, “Pray.”

Can’t wait to hear Baby Biebs strumming his guitar and going unplugged? Give us your opinion in the comments.