Victoria Justice’s Sassy ‘Got Milk?’ Ad

Does milk do a body good? Just ask Victoria Justice who’s new “Got Milk?” ad is sure to be a big victory for dairy-lovers.

The Nickelodeon beauty’s new promo shows her posing playfully in front of a triptych mirror with a golden microphone in one hand and a cool glass of milk in the other. The ad is sure to cement the rising star as a bonafide Teen Queen in the world of tweeners and child stars.

The milk mustachioed teen told Just Jared Jr. in September that drinking milk helps her stay healthy on the go.

“What you put in your body affects how you look and feel,” Victoria told the website, “And with such a busy schedule, I try my best to make smart choices, including incorporating nutrient-rich milk in my diet, eating right, and staying active.”

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