Celebs Who Love Fur (PHOTOS)

The months are getting colder and colder, and stars are looking for a luxurious way to stay warm while remaining photo-ready. The solution? Fur!

Yes, fur has made a big comeback this season, be it real or faux, jacket or hat. Everyone from Ke$ha to Kim Kardashian has rocked some of the fuzzy stuff this autumn, making it the furriest season of the year.

Want to know which celebs are the biggest fans? Check out our gallery of fur-wearing celebrities and play fashion critic in the comments.



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  • Franziska Pfleum
    Franziska Pfleum

    Like all of us, wonderfully

  • Franziska

    We want all young women see in thick fur, every day

  • Allan

    These selfish bitches are only concerned about themselves "looking good"and have no conscience about the animals which were killed for that stupid, brainless and vain purpose . These idiots obvioiusly don't have too much between the ears, and need to hide behind their wardrobes for a cheap glamour trip !!!

  • Vana

    Kei$ha's is fake; she said so. So is Lily Allen's if you zoom in. Kourntney Kardashian's doesn't look real to me. All the others are real though, sadly.

  • Kelly Merkel
    Kelly Merkel

    Ohhhh they all look so warm & inviting! I like to snuggle between Ashley & Mary-Kate

  • fursucks

    ahahahahahha. ridiculous. the oslen kids look like orphaned bear cubs in those furs. http://furbearerdefenders.com/index.php/multimedia/videos

  • chcolatefudge2

    this is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot

  • mf

    OMG her boooobd xD

  • zahndra

    She looks cute and chic! :)