Keira Knightley’s London Home Robbed

Burglars reportedly robbed Keira Knightley’s London home and made off with two laptops that may contain sensitive material.

British newspaper The Sun reports that robbers “ransacked” the Pirates of the Caribbean actress’ Hyde Park home earlier this week. Detectives tell the newspaper that the burglars allegedly broke into the home through a faulty communal door on the star’s block.

According to detectives, two other homes in Keira’s neighborhood were robbed through the faulty communal door last week. The police do not believe that Keira was targeted due to her fame.

Police fear that the robbers may try to sell personal information off of Keira’s laptops. According to a police source, the 25-year-old actress is “mortified” and feels “violated” by the robbery.

Keira – who shares the home with her brother Caleb Knightley – was reportedly away on vacation when the robbers struck. The burglars are still at large.

Celebuzz reached out to a Keira’s rep for comment but they did not respond before press time.

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