Marie Osmond Speaks Out About Son’s Suicide

For the first time later this month, Marie Osmond will speak out about her son’s suicide with Oprah Winfrey

A friend of Marie’s tells PopEater: “Marie never imagined she would have the strength to talk about this devastating subject, but with so many gay teens committing suicide recently she had no choice.” She continued:

“This will be the hardest interview Marie has ever done. You can expect a lot of tears and rare pain that only a parent who had lost a child could ever understand. She knows Oprah will ask the hard questions like ‘Do you blame yourself?’ and ‘Do you think you could have done anything differently?’ But Marie isn’t afraid. She had been asking herself those questions every day since her son took his life.”

In February, Marie’s 18-year-old son, Michael Blosil, took his own life by jumping out of his eighth-floor apartment after altering a friend to a suicide note. 

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