Selena Gomez Reveals Her Ordeal With Bullies

Add Selena Gomez to the disturbingly long list of young people who’ve been victimized by bullies.

Mere days after it was announced that Gomez’s Disney compatriot Demi Lovato had entered rehab largely due to the effects of bullying, the Wizards of Waverly Place star tells the New York Post that she, too, suffered from the cruelty of bullies a a child—and that, even though she’s one of the most successful 18-year-olds on the planet right now, the taunting hasn’t stopped.

Recalling the anguish she suffered as a middle-schooler, Gomez reveals,

“I was definitely picked on in school, I was definitely made fun of for being in the industry.”

Gomez eventually opted for home-schooling, which “did help for a minute, but then I got into this industry, and it kind of came back up again.” Instead of her classmates, Gomez now finds herself suffering from the taunts and jeers by the haters who seem to gravitate toward every public figure to one degree or another:

“I get criticized by adults who say awful things about me on the Internet, things that affect me that I try not to read.”

Gomez adds that an upcoming episode of her television series, Wizards of Waverly Place, will deal with the topic of bullying, as her TV brother Max (portrayed by Jake T. Austin) struggles to deal with being pushed around by her classmates: 

“It’s something that we’ve addressed in a lighter way . . . we can’t be that dark on our show.”

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