50 Cent Autobiography Analyzed on ‘Chelsea Lately’

The rumored love affair between Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent may or may not be real, but nevertheless, the folks at Chelsea Lately are doing everything they can to perpetuate (and mock) the allegations.

Case in point: Wednesday night’s episode featured a special “book club” segment in which mild-mannered commenters analyzed Fiddy’s autobiography From Pieces to Weight: Once Upon a Time in Southside Queens in a scholarly tone. 

“He does say in the book that he doesn’t think he survived being shot nine times for no reason,” said one intellectual. “He believes he has something to do in life, and what if that thing he has to do is…Chelsea Handler?”

After much deliberation, the rapper himself made a surprise appearance. Watch the Chelsea Lately discussion here:

What’s going to happen between Chelsea and 50 Cent? Make a prediction, and leave it in the comments section.