Dakota Fanning Gets Dolled Up With ‘Twilight’ Barbie

Much like her Twilight Saga character, Volturi vampire Jane, Dakota Fanning has been immortalized—in doll form!

Mattel is gearing up to roll out the Barbie Collector Twilight Saga Eclipse Jane Doll, which captures the character in exquisite miniature form, right down to her golden tresses and black hooded robe. Finally, your Edward Cullen and Bella Swan dolls will have someone to invite to a tea party. Or do epic battle with. Whichever.

The bad news? The Barbie Jane doll—which will retail for $24.99—won’t be available until March 1, 2011. The good news? You can pre-order it via Amazon here.

So…how many will you be buying? Let us know in the comments section.