Demi Lovato’s Parents Furious at Dad’s Comments

In what seems to be a Michael Lohan-esque case of an estranged father commenting about his troubled celebrity daughter, Demi Lovato’s mother and stepfather are reportedly not happy that Demi’s birth father — who she last reportedly saw two years ago — commented on her recent entry into treatment.

Demi’s lawyer told Page Six that “No one speaks for Demi except for her designated representatives. Unfortunately, several people have taken it upon themselves to speak out — both on and off the record — about a situation they know nothing about.”

The comment is a not-so-veiled reference to comments made by Patrick Lovato this week, where he claimed that he “worried” Demi would be in harm by joining Disney and that he himself got out of showbiz “’cause someone had to take care of the kids.”

In 2009, Demi said that she hadn’t spoken to Patrick in years because “When somebody lets you down after you’ve been the only one there for them … I had to cut off all connection. It was hurting me too much.”

Patrick now tells the New York Post that he was “misquoted” earlier this week.

Demi is currently seeking treatment for “emotional and physical issues” following her abrupt exit from the Jonas Brothers worldwide tour. According to reports, she was involved in a physical altercation with a dancer in the hours before pulling out of the tour, and that incident partially led to her decision to seek treatment.

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