Halle Berry Gets Plastic Surgery...Sorta (PHOTOS)

Has Hollywood's love of plastic surgery finally gotten to Halle Berry? Well, yes, but thankfully it is only for the cameras.

The stunning actress looked a little less-than-stunning when she was spotted filming a scene for her new film while wearing extreme facial prosthetics to make it look like she had just received plastic surgery. In another scene, Halle is seen wearing large fake breasts while hiding her face.

What do you think of Halle's new look? Check out more photos and share your thoughts in the comments.



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  • eric

    OMG people relax its part of her costume for a movie role. Emma Thompson wore the same kind of thing on her face for Nanny Mcphee.

  • la Trale
    la Trale

    what's the name of the movie?? Coz I want to see...

  • chichikie

    that does look like Halle, but the 4th pic is not her. She does not have breast that big!!!!!

  • Bleh

    Celebuzz, I guess this is the reaction you were looking for. This sensationalized headline immediately led people to think Halle Berry actually got plastic surgery. All that for hits? You suck

  • Frank Stallone
    Frank Stallone

    Why did she do that? She was so beautiful before. I am from Krygyzstan.

  • V

    How are they lying if they are clearly stating that she has prosthetics on? Most celebrities do not get surgery done to "get more work", but because they are insecure about losing their "beauty". They have spent a life time convincing the world that they are more beautiful and more deserving than the rest of us, and then when they realize they are aging like everyone else, they try to "fix" it. I don't see people who get plastic surgery getting more roles...no one wants a freak in the magazines or on tv, and as sad and shallow as that sounds, the masses have proven it over and over again.

  • Rinita


  • M.Lowe

    This site is such a piece of sh*te, and any others that tell a BLATANT lie just to generate 'hits' -- what FN liars. THIS is what's wrong with journalism -- L-I-A-R-SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  • tommy tilsdon
    tommy tilsdon

    Sandra, don't be upset. She didn't have any plastic surgery. This is one of the most idiotic stories ever created because it is such a phony fake lie of a headline...saying she gets surgery when in reality it is a story about her having prosthetic facial props on her face. Such a weak lie. So desperate for attention that these people will publish anything to get a few hits on their site. I hate liars. But actually, Sandra, many stars do have work done on their faces and bodies but you must realize that they are in a profession that more or less requires their workers to have this hideous type of surgery performed on them or they won't get work. Sad state of affairs. It won't be long now until this entire concept of a society fails. Hang on tight and keep your faith.

  • Mark

    Wow. no longer the most beautiful woman on the face of the earth. Where are your roots...shallow...unnattractive that you don't see your beauty comes from within...insecurity is not attractive. Think Gladys Knight...am I making my point?

  • Rose Marie
    Rose Marie

    I knew it wasn't real before I read it. Halle Berriy doesn't need a thing done to her face or body. She's perfect.

  • Eric

    [quote=Sandra Stevens]I am very disappointed and I feel that she was very stupid for doing this to herself. Didn't read the comments, eh? She's wearing prosthetics... fake facial costume.

  • Sandra Stevens
    Sandra Stevens

    I am very disappointed and I feel that she was very stupid for doing this to herself.

  • haregue from ethiopia
    haregue from ethiopia

    Why did she do that I am relly sorry for her befor she was very beautfuil I am from ethiopia .

  • schoolgal4ever


  • HHT

    Did you not read the info on the first picture that said "fake breast implants"?

  • Meeshee

    Halle Berry seen being wheeled around and wearing heavy facial prosthetics while filming "Truth or Dare" in Los Angeles. As someone said earlier READ THE ARTICLE FIRST "CAREFULLY" It's weird how people only see what they want to see and comment on

  • dustglitterrain01

    [quote=gigi merlos]why would she do that, she was very beautiful the way she was. i really want to refuse to believe she did that, not cool!!!!! Sweet baby Jesus ... Read the damn article first.

  • dustglitterrain01

    They're for a film role.They're not permanent. Do people even read the damn article?! Seemingly not.

  • Sharon

    Before one goes under the knife, they should consult their psychotherapist. Apparently she has deeply rooted issues that were never confronted. This is self- mutilation. Shame on this plastic surgeon...on the other hand,if this is part of her character she's portraying then she is the most dedicated actress in the history of film making.

  • Mike

    Didn't the article state it was for a movie??!! Canyou people read!??

  • Ang

    read the story... it's for a role and they're prosthetics. not permanent.

  • guest

    funny pictures, haha, but halle berry got her nose done a looong time ago, she loojed very different..look it up

  • Char

    OH MY GOD. She looks disgusting.... :/

  • Renee

    [quote=gigi merlos]why would she do that, she was very beautiful the way she was. i really want to refuse to believe she did that, not cool!!!!! >i honestly believe that hollywood has a big influence on how actors, actresses feel about themselves and if u dont have enough self control and esteem u will fall into that trap every time

  • TuraLura

    Way to totally sensationalize this non-story. It clearly says she's wearing prosthetics for a film role. Nice going, Celebuzz!

  • larajill

    @gigi merlos:: If you read the story, you'll see it's for filming on a new movie..... no it is not real. lol no worries! she is still as beautiful as she was! haha :)

  • gigi merlos
    gigi merlos

    why would she do that, she was very beautiful the way she was. i really want to refuse to believe she did that, not cool!!!!!

  • c

    it doesn't seem to be halle berry!