Justin Bieber Wants a Private Jet

Justin Bieber Wants a Private Jet-photo

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's... Air Bieber?

According to a report in the Chicago Sun-Times, Justin Bieber has become so "privacy-obsessed," he's grown tired of using the elite rent-a-plane service NetJets and is shopping for his very own private jet.

"Even [NetJets] isn't private enough for Justin. He hates it when other NetJets people approach him at the terminal and ask for autographs or photos," a source told the Sun-Times. "He now is shopping for his own private plane -- likely a G-4."

To give you an idea of how big Justin has become, G4s or Gulfstream IV jets are the those used by the U.S. Navy, Army and Marine Corps! What's up with his sudden need for super-privacy? The Sun-Times reports the much-sought-after singer "has become paranoid about being protected from fans or just about anyone else he doesn't know."

That doesn't sound like the Biebs we know and love! Let's hope the Biebs gets the privacy he needs on his snazzy new jet.

Do you think the Biebs should fly private? Sound off in the comments.



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  • Nyal

    If Justin Bieber wants a jet, let him have the jet. It's his money, his decision, and his privacy.

  • chelleasbieliber

    i'm sure he afford to have that!!!! besides, he really need that to keep his privacy because he just want it!!!!!

  • bleergh.

    the boy has over $150million dollars in the bank :L, im sure he wont be spending it all at once.. he never EVER needs to work again :)

  • jb 4 ever
    jb 4 ever

    yes he deserves his own privacy

  • jenboswell101

    yes. he deserves it.

  • Eva Rico
    Eva Rico

    AH Justin needs his privacy but if he sais he

  • sam

    So true, Bieber is one in a million these days. It's only a matter of time before people get tired of him. This story though...true or not he does seem to have an issue with being grateful for the fans. Getting into the fame game you already know the rules, all of his bs about not wanting to be bothered by people...yea you signed up for it buddy. But by all means by a plane and waste some more of you soon to be gone fortune.

  • Marcus

    Oh God please let this be true...instead of saving up money for the uncertain future, he is going to purchase a private plane...awesome!!!! Com'on now we all know he is a flash in a pan...he will be a has-been at the age of 18...If you want to see how Bieb's future will look like...google search Aaron Carter.