Kanye West Owns Up to Nude Photo

Kanye West Owns Up to Nude Photo-photo

Kanye West admitted this week that the picture floating around the Internet that appeared to show his private parts was, in fact, exactly that, according to an interview with Funkmaster Flex on New York's Hot 97 radio station. 

"Have you heard the first line of Runaway? [Ed. note: The first line of the song reads 'I sent this girl a picture of my d***.'] I only rap reality. I went to the Internet. They had the link, I went to it. Man, you cannot imagine how disappointed I was that I got cut off."

Two pictures circulated of the "cut off" rapper, one showing him from the chest up wearing a gold chain, and another from the waist down showing his exposed genitals. As a result, many news outlets only ran the upper body picture. 

The shortchanged star went on to call out the media for their fear of him:

"The media is scared, they scared of me. They scared of a black man with this taste level but this connection with Pusha, Jeezy, Ross… So what they do in order to take that power away, they try to turn me into a demon, and it’s happened so many times throughout history. They knocked the nose off the Sphinx. They tried to tell you aliens built the pyramids… People need to understand, I’m not above the people—I’m of the people. I love the people."

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  • Tony

    He's nothing.

  • Eladia

    Nothing wrong with that. It is just that who believes anything coming from rappers? It is old news already that there are a lot of men who photoshop their pics to appear larger. Having 2 separate pictures is proof that it is already a lie trying to become reality. This is Public Relations. I don't believe it is real at all. Is it that he's imitating other people and not really acting on his own creativity? There are a lot of biters now taking people's styles and even ideas. That only gets you pointed out later and then the problems for that person begin. Guess they never learn. This is like Souljah Boy stuffing a bunch of paper in his underwear and trying to tell the web that this is really him. If he really was packing, all this would not be happening. Go on camera and actually masturbate if it really is you. I think it's not.

  • jim carrey
    jim carrey

    Paris Hilton is awesome!

  • Ugh!

    Please, just make music and STFU.

  • hter

    Hes a piece of trash anyway, maybe he can find his way to a bullet one f these days.

  • sherrie taylor
    sherrie taylor

    Kanye West, I know you took back what you said about former president Bush, you thought about your comments affecting your career! Why take it back? Everything you said about him being a racist is true. Never take back the truth,and what you did to taylor swift on stage was true she did not deserve or earn that award. I dont think Beyonce deserve the award either, but taylor swift sure didn't. The truth hurts, and some people can't handle the truth!!!!!

  • Paula D. Ward
    Paula D. Ward

    Don't hate. The press is just as guilty as the rest of us. The more you hate on an entertainer, the more they appear in the press. You can say what you like about him, but GOD has given this man a talent that none of us can take away. Unfortunately, when people don't recognize their talents and use them in positive ways, or begin to react to the press and others in a negative way because their feelings have been attacked, they find themselves either wallowing in their own pool of pity, or attacking outsiders in order to feel better. Just forget it. It is- what it is - and Kayne is WHO he is. He still produces and writes great music. Can we just settle on that for the minute and remember that WE all have issues - his are just more in the light than ours. He's still my brother. And I love EVERYONE - regardless to their issues.

  • James Smith
    James Smith

    This is just another arrogant, no-talent jerk trying to prove is is somethnig more than a total moron.

  • Simzee

    That liitle "thang" Kenya has is a down right shame. He needs to keep that LITTLE one eyed snake tucked away.

  • Chuck

    Mr. West is simply a racist who plays nice some of the time. Some may call him a talented artist, but that doesn't take away from the fact that he is, in fact, a racist. I'm not even planning to source this one. If people want to continue to enrich divisive people such as this, racial issues will never disappear. Just read his own comments. Imagine if a white guy, or someone of Indian descent made such comments? What about Michael Richards? A racist is a racist is a racist....that's what his fans are supporting, and CNN is following right along with such puff-pieces.

  • maurice

    someone needs to keep a close eye on kanye. there is neurological going on with this guy and at some point he might be a danger to others or himself. he is talanted fellow so those close need to make sure he does not go off the deep end.

  • Charles Wallace
    Charles Wallace

    He's been smelling himself for too long. Now he wants to show everyone what he has been smellin'!

  • Your Mama Done Told You
    Your Mama Done Told You

    His mother must be spinning in her grave. What an ignorant tool and fool that loser is. Who knew he could sink lower than picking on young girls at music awards? This guy thinks any publicity is good publicity, but all he's doing is permanently associating his name with the perception of a flaming azzhole. What a putz-loser!

  • jogreen

    Nice jaw.Did he try to chew his own D1CK off? Hilarious!

  • udy

    Damn! I'll like to see how big it is. Ooops did i say dat ???????

  • shejay

    I'm sure that his Mother would have been so proud of him!!!

  • shbkyn

    What's the point to show his d!(, but he did have a strong response to the media about the pyramids, he is right, the Africans built them. Black people came onto this earth millions of years ago, now if you believe in creation, then you will have to ask the most perfect God, why he put a bunch of dummys on this earth first,, you go Kanya. I love your African name, you need to change the last name, it is a slave name.

  • Severely Overrated
    Severely Overrated

    Kanye, the media got it right. They wanted to show a dick so they showed a picture with your face.

  • Me72

    Kanye West is a legend in his own mind! Cant stand him and never did! What a loser!

  • Dacia Hewitt
    Dacia Hewitt

    Kanye is going through a rough spot right now and requires a lot of love and empathy. No boubt a very gifted and blessed young man but without the spiritual undrestanding to recognize and appreciate it. I encourage his fans and all mothers; especially single parents, to pray for him every day as though he is thier own child. A mother's intercession can heal all wounds and nurture any broken heart back to perfect health. Kanye you dont have to resort to such behaviors to liberate yourself. God has already liberated and freed you from sin shame and disgrace. Live in that freedom and enjoy your life and your blessings. Use your gifts to praise God and you will realize how wonderful and stress free life can really be.

  • ero

    wow...has it been 15 mins yet?? no actually ts been 7 years and 14 gramies #imjustsayin

  • Relnice

    Fed-up! shut the f*** up!! You are the idiot as many white fools that have talked crazy about black people and get a free pass and donations and all of their drug and sexual deviancy rehab when they go broke PLEASE!!! If you judge black men on what Kanye West does then I judge white men on what Charles Manson does. You are caught up in your own double standard. Get out of here with that BS.

  • fed-up!

    I think he's an idiot and the sooner he shuts his mouth the better we ALL will be. I think he sheds a bad light on all black people (men especially). What is the media scared of? His rantings are crazy, immature, and racist. If a white person said half the stuff he said their career, freedom, and life would be over with. Stop the double standards and shut this fool up!!

  • Sam

    wow...has it been 15 mins yet??

  • Camry

    wow, so much hatred for someone who doesn't matter. i think he's incredibly talented, and like most gifted people, terribly troubled. lucky for him he's got a beautiful piece of man-meat, and plenty of women (and men too) who would be thrilled to share his company. call me, ye!

  • HUH

    He's RIGHT!!!!

  • Yepp3z

    Hmmm. ?? He's trying to tell us something.

  • Smart Enough to Realize
    Smart Enough to Realize

    You writing this story only furthers the foolish insinuation that Kanye West matters. Good job fueling the fire, you fools.



  • Mane

    Nice jaw. Did he try to chew his own D1CK off?

  • rdpjr

    HereToRepYe and Kanye, ya both have something in common. Your common!!!! Just regular trash. Douche!

  • HereToRepYe

    ^^^ DUMB ASS right now Ye does not even need to TRY to 'keep himself in the spotlight' what kind of rock have you been living under for the past 5 yrs?? Ye's been around, he's practically everywhere. He doesn't need to try and keep himself popping. He can quit now, and still live BIG, media's probably gonna try and pick on him but eventually people would know the truth. Sometimes when you're on top and bored you might as well take a nude photo of yourself...HELL even if you ARENT on top right....there are lots of examples to take from. Get your facts straight, Hater. And on your comment on his metaphors; you're probably just jealous that you didnt come up with them. PEACE ON EARTH!

  • equisi

    To be honest he is full of himself. And maybe to him his metaphors are awesome but I don't know if they really are that great. But I felt the day was near when Kanye would leek a nude photo of himself onto the internet. It's his next step to keep himself in the spotlight.