Kanye West Owns Up to Nude Photo

Kanye West admitted this week that the picture floating around the Internet that appeared to show his private parts was, in fact, exactly that, according to an interview with Funkmaster Flex on New York’s Hot 97 radio station. 

“Have you heard the first line of Runaway? [Ed. note: The first line of the song reads ‘I sent this girl a picture of my d***.’] I only rap reality. I went to the Internet. They had the link, I went to it. Man, you cannot imagine how disappointed I was that I got cut off.”

Two pictures circulated of the “cut off” rapper, one showing him from the chest up wearing a gold chain, and another from the waist down showing his exposed genitals. As a result, many news outlets only ran the upper body picture. 

The shortchanged star went on to call out the media for their fear of him:

“The media is scared, they scared of me. They scared of a black man with this taste level but this connection with Pusha, Jeezy, Ross… So what they do in order to take that power away, they try to turn me into a demon, and it’s happened so many times throughout history. They knocked the nose off the Sphinx. They tried to tell you aliens built the pyramids… People need to understand, I’m not above the people—I’m of the people. I love the people.”

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