Adam Lambert Spills on His Disappointing, Um, First Time

Curious to learn about the momentous moment when Adam Lambert went all the way? Read on.

As previously reported, the openly gay American Idol fave will be the subject of his very own E! True Hollywood Story (set to premiere on November 21), and Lambo’s
de-virigizing will be one of the many topics explored.  As Lambert, 28, reveals,

“I lost my virginity at 21 years old and it was to a man, not a woman, uh, and it wasn’t very good. Sometimes it takes a little while to learn how to do that correctly.”

Hopefully, practice has since made perfect for the musical sensation. Lambert’s THS also includes insight from his family members, such as his brother, Neil Lambert, who notes,

“It’s kind of weird that he is now a sex symbol.”

Don’t worry, Neil; imagine how surprising it was to Adam’s first partner…

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