Martin Sheen In, Mary Jane Out of ‘Spider-Man 4′

The upcoming Spider-Man reboot is about to acquire a little sheen. Martin Sheen, that is.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Apocalypse Now actor (and father to recently embattled actor Charlie) Sheen is in final talks to play “Uncle” Ben Parker in Spider-Man 4, inheriting a role that was portrayed by Cliff Robertson in earlier installments of the superhero series. Meanwhile, Sally Field is in talks to assume the role of “Aunt” May Parker, who had been played previously by Rosemary Harris.

In other news, the upcoming four-quel—which will see Andrew Garfield playing the titular web-slinger—will not include his love interest Mary Jane Watson, made famous by Kirsten Dunst in the first three Spider-Man movies. While, as previously reported, Emma Stone will play Spidey/Peter Parker’s earlier flame Gwen Stacy, earlier reports suggested, and fans had hoped, that the film—which will chronicle the hero’s formative years as a high-schooll student—would include both Stacy and Watson.

Sorry, cinematic love-triangle fans; you might be better off sitting this one out.

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