Miley Cyrus Snapped With a Beer in Spain

Miley Cyrus was living it up in Spain on Thursday night, and the pop princess was even caught gold-handed, as photographers snapped pictures of the 17-year-old starlet holding a beer.

Spain’s legal drinking age is 18, but as in many parts of Europe, the law is quite loosely enforced. So, while Miley’s Madrid club beverage (which there’s no proof of her actually drinking … just holding) might technically be illegal, it’s more like the European equivalent of jaywalking.

The Miley Cyrus beer photos obtained by TMZ come just days after her parents — Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus — announced that they were ending their 17-year marriage.

Miley was in Spain for the unveiling of her wax figure at Madrid’s Museo de Cera this week.

What do you think … Was Miley drinking, or just holding the beer for a friend? Either way, is it a big deal? Sound off in the comments!