Source: Demi Lovato ‘Doing Great’ in Rehab

It’s been less than a week since Camp Rock 2 star Demi Lovato abruptly entered rehab for “personal issues,” but she’s already showing signs of improvement. At least, that’s what a source close to the singer/actress tells E! Online.

Revealing that the 18-year-old Lovato is “doing great,” the insider says,

“She is getting help and on her way to getting better.”

The source adds that Lovato is currently “isolated” and is barred from having visitors—even friends and family—so that she can better focus on her treatment.

So when will the apparently rebounding Lovato be able to leave rehab? That’s still up in the air, according to the source, who notes,

“It depends on the doctor’s advice and how well Demi progresses.”

Meanwhile, another source has revealed a few tidbits about the unnamed facility where Lovato is receiving her treatment. From what the source says, Demi isn’t kicking back and chilling in one of the country-club rehabs so often favored by recovering show-bizzers:

“Demi is not receiving care at one of the Hollywood-type centers. She is at a real facility that specializes in helping adolescent and adult women with the types of issues she has battled throughout her life. Details about her care are going to remain private.”

Hopefully the no-nonsense approach leads to a swift recovery.