Danielle Staub Opens Up About Botox and Bi-Curiosity

Danielle Staub Opens Up About Botox and Bi-Curiosity-photo

Oh, Danielle Staub ... will the is-she-or-isn't-she questions about your sexuality ever cease?

The former RHONJ diva sat down with PopEater's Rob Shuter for his new HD Net show Naughty But Nice, and Danielle held nothing back when it came to talk of plastic surgery (she claims she's had none aside from four breast augmentations) and what she looks for in a guy. Or a girl.

Yes, that's right -- she's currently dating both. Thankfully, Danielle says she's "honest" and the two know about each other, but don't intermix.

Watch the clip of the interview here, and if you have HD Net, the show is on Saturdays at 1 and 7pm EST.



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  • Irina

    Danielle is so pathetic. She will do anything to stay in the public eye. To say that she hasn't had anything done aside from her boobs is laughable. She looks like the Grinch and the Joker combined. She is such a sad, ugly soul. Her drawn, skinny face is just like her personality: disgusting.