Will Ferrell Tops Most Overpaid Actors List

Will Ferrell Tops Most Overpaid Actors List-photo

Comedian Will Ferrell stands alone atop Forbes annual list of Hollywood's most overpaid actors for the second time, largely as a result of his 2009 flop Land of the Lost.

That film cost $100 million to make but only returned $69 million at the global box office. On average, for every $1 Ferrell was paid last year, his films returned only $3.35. Ferrell fans should fear not, however, as the SNL alum's moderate hit The Other Guys returned $160 million on a $100 million budget, which is more than enough to ensure the A-lister will maintain his status. It was not counted in this year's tally, like all films released after June 1. Since 2005, the actor has reportedly averaged $20 million per film.

By comparison, Eddie Murphy owes his #2 position to the public's grim reception of Meet Dave and Imagine That, the latter of which only sold $22 million in tickets globally. His only saving grace is a big one, the tremendously successful Shrek series. 

Comedians account for six of the top ten most overpaid actors, with the reasoning being that comedies do not translate well in overseas markets. Ferrell's The Other Guys raised $119 million in the states, similar to Angelina Jolie's film Salt, which made $118 million domestically. The difference? $41 million and $173 million abroad, respectively.

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  • Sam Kaner
    Sam Kaner

    Will Ferrell, Jack Black, Sandler, are the least funniest people in entertainment today. To call them actors would be too much of an over statement. And why is Rihanna grabbing her private parts like man in the photo above? Oh I guest she is on stage. She looks like Ford Fairlane in another bad movie. Sorry, that is how I feel! Now get out of here!

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  • Justin

    Will Ferrell shouldn't be on the list again, his name should've been taken off along with Eddie Murphy b/c their careers are back on track. Adam Sandler is also back on track due to the success of Grown Ups and last year's tremendous dissappointment of Funny People.

  • caitlyn

    i think all actors are overpaid.