Miley Cyrus’ Raunchy New ‘So Undercover’ Role

Miley Cyrus’ budding bad-girl image is about to acquire another layer.

Hollywood Life has acquired the script for the Hannah Montana star’s upcoming starring vehicle So Undercover, and it appears to be quite the departure for the soon-to-be-18 Disney sensation.

In the movie—which is tentatively slated to begin production next month—Cyrus will be playing Molly, who’s sent by the FBI to infiltrate a sorority—and let’s just say that she’s going to show those sisters a thing or two about edgy behavior. The gun-toting, motorcycle-riding Molly apparently has a penchant for salty talk, tossing around the phrase “holy sh*t” several times and uttering, “I said a car wash, not a handjob booth” after suggesting a fundraiser.

Oh, and she has a habit of getting in fights—So Undercover will reportedly feature Cyrus in two fight scenes, as well as a scene where she takes a fist to the face from a guy while trying to protect her character’s father.

Sounds like quite the punchy little tale.

Do you think you’ll be able to buy Miley as a foul-mouthed brawler? Share with us in the comment section.

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