Rihanna and Bon Jovi Duet Right at Pre-EMAs Show (VIDEO)

The combined talents of Rihanna and Bon Jovi on one tiny stage? And somehow the place didn’t spontaneously combust from all of that concentrated awesome? Thank heaven for small miracles!

Ri-Ri provided an extra thrill to Bon Jovi fans during the group’s pre-European Music Awards gig at Madrid’s 1,000-capacity Teatro Circo Price on Saturday night, joining band leader Jon Bon Jovi and his group on stage to perform their 1986 hair-metal classic “Livin’ on a Prayer.”

Afterward, a clearly awestruck Rihanna tweeted,

“Wait … Did I just rock out with Bon Jovi tonight??? WTFFFF!!!!!!!”

Yes, Rihanna, yes you did. And we have  the video evidence to prove it.

Check out the seemingly unlikely but compelling collaboration below. Would you like to hear them make more beautiful music together in the future? Let us know in the comments section.