‘Twilight’ Stars & Jonas Bros Share Hotel in Rio?

Teen rockers The Jonas Brothers crashed into the world of Twilight when they stayed in the same hotel as Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart during their trip to Rio de Janiero. How can one hotel hold so much hotness?

The JoBros and the Twilight cuties are reportedly both staying at the luxurious Copocabana Palace hotel. The stars were photographed (seperately) waving to fans from the hotel’s famous white balconies which overlook Copocabana Beach.

Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas are currently in Rio for their South American tour. The Twilight folks are in Rio filming scenes (and sneaking smooches) for the upcoming Breaking Dawn films.

Check out a video of the JoBros (and Demi Lovato) leaving for their South American tour.

The hotel stay may be convenient for one couple: Joe and his girlfriend Ashley Greene. The pair began dating earlier this summer and Ashley has been spotted tagging along on the JoBros’ tour in South America. Maybe Ashley influenced the Jonas Brothers’ decision to stay at this particular hotel in Brazil?

Check out more photos of the Jonas Brothers and Robsten hanging out at the Copocabana Palace.

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Photo Credit: Copocabana Hotel/Alessandro Batistessa