Shia Labeouf: Music Video Director?

The sophomore album by Kid Cudi titled Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager was released today. The release comes with the recent news that the rapper will follow in the footsteps of his mentor, Kanye West by releasing a short film for the single “Maniac” which features St. Vincent and fellow rapper Cage. The real catch, though, is Shia LaBeouf might be the man behind the lens for it.

The project was only a rumor until the song’s producer tweeted a picture of Cudi holding what looks like a treatment for the film. The ‘twitpic’ also revealed something else about the potential film – the director. The treatment states that the director of the short film will be none other than Shia.

Last year Shia directed a music video for the song “I Never Knew You” by his friend Cage. He then came highly recommended by he same friend who is featured on the new Kid Cudi song. LaBeouf has expressed much interest in the past about getting into directing so this should be just the beginning.

Watch the music video Shia directed last year and tell us what you think!

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