Forbes Announces Highest Paid Hollywood Actresses (PHOTOS)

Forbes has released its annual list of Hollywood’s highest paid actresses, and the winner is…. Sandra Bullock

Although Sandy’s personal life may have hit a bump in the road this year, her finances never looked better. The Oscar winner cashed in on her stellar performance in The Blind Side by opting to receive a portion of the film’s profits rather than a paycheck upfront, a gamble that definitely paid off. The film has (to date) made $320 million, and only cost $40 million to make. Now, she’s #1 on Forbes’ list with $56 million last year.

Kristen Stewart rounded out the top 10 with a respectable $12 million gain last year, mostly from the success of Eclipse. She’s also the youngest on the list by over ten years at age 20.   

Click through our gallery to see which actresses made the top 10, and tell us who you think deserved it most in the comments section.