‘Glee’ Takes on Bullies in ‘Never Been Kissed’ (VIDEO)

Glee took on the cause of the moment – bullying – on last night’s “Never Been Kissed” episode, but the darling series also delivered two gasp-worthy kissing scenes!

Shock waves likely rippled through the Glee nation when burly bully Karofsky laid one on Kurt (Chris Colfer,) whom he has been bullying since, well, forever. Both Kurt and Coach Bieste confessed they’d “never been kissed,” prompting the ever-sensitive Mr. Scheu (Matthew Morrison) to pucker up for the coach. Dot Marie Jones, who plays Bieste, said in a behind-the-scenes interview that the kiss “makes me very shy.”

“He’s a sweet kisser,” she says of Morrison. “He’s got beautiful lips.”

Ooh la la! For his part, Morrison calls it “a scenes that both of us will remember for the rest of our lives.”

Check out Fox’s behind-the-scenes video below.

Last night’s Glee was also pivotal for Kurt, who befriends an openly gay student named Blaine (Darren Criss,) an a capella dynamo at a local all-boys school. Blaine encourages Kurt to have “courage” in the face of his bullies and ends up with his handsome picture inside Kurt’s locker. Check out Darren’s awesome rendition of “Teenage Dream” below:

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