Miranda Cosgrove Angers Arizona With Concert Cancelation Excuse

Uh-oh, Miranda Cosgrove, it appears that you might have incurred the wrath of an entire state with the slip of the Twitter.

The 17-year-old iCarly star has sparked a budding scandal after canceling her performance at the Arizona State Fair in Phoenix this year, citing an “unavoidable scheduling conflict.” Unfortunately for Cosgrove, some members of the Grand Canyon State’s media have discovered that there’s something called Twitter, and that Miranda Cosgrove is on Twitter, and judging from her tweets it seems that the singer/actress’ other engagement might not have been so pressing after all.

One of Cosgrove’s tweets from the night of Sunday, September 7—the night that she was scheduled to perform—cheerily notes,

“Sitting in my favorite French restaurant after 4 hours of French with my tutor.”

Which prompted The Arizona Rebublic to note, with obvious dismay,

Sacre bleu!”

Might as well throw a “Mon dieu!” in there too. And maybe a “D’oh!” while you’re at it.

Do you think French lessons and dinner were good enough reasons for Miranda to bail on her professional obligations? Share your thoughts in the comments section.