Adam Lambert vs. P!nk: Who Did ‘Whataya Want From Me’ Better? (MUSIC)

No question about it, Adam Lambert’s breakthrough single “Whataya Want From Me” is a first-rate pop song, with everything you could want from a first-rate pop song: Engaging rhythm. Infectiously catchy chorus. Inner tension that feeds the mind as well as the ears. But are there varying degrees of awesomeness to “Whataya Want From Me,” depending on who’s doing the singing?

The original version of the song, performed by the song’s co-writer, P!nk, has wandered onto the Internet, giving us an opportunity to play a game of musical What If? with the Top 10 hit. (P!nk had originally recorded the tune, which she penned with Max Martin and Shellback for her 2008 album Funhouse, but failed to make the cut.)

Check out both versions below, and let us know in the comments section: Whose version of “Whataya Want From Me” do you prefer—Lambo’s or P!nk’s?