Gwyneth, Taylor Swift Perform at CMAs (VIDEO)

Gwyneth, Taylor Swift Perform at CMAs (VIDEO)-photo

Not only is she taking her act to next week's Glee, Gwyneth Paltrow went country at the CMA Music Awards in Nashville Wednesday night. With a who's-who of Music City looking on, Gwyneth closed the show with the signature song from her upcoming big-screen drama Country Strong.

Gwynnie seemed to channel queen of country Faith Hill in her performance, which is notable because Faith's husband Tim McGraw is Gwyneth's Country co-star!  Peep Gwyneth's performance below:

Earlier in the show, T-Swift had another dramatic moment with her piano, belting out a heartfelt version of "Back to December," a song rumored to be penned about ex Taylor Lautner

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  • Stephanie

    No... shes a really good songwriter. Sure she may not have the strongest voice but do britney and miley write all of their songs and that good and relate to many people as taylor does umm i dont think so... & taylor does not dress or act like a slut so I think shes talented, can play an instrument that being the guitar and writes really great songs that relate to alot of people & shes classy. & Youre absoloutely right sex does sell in this industry... its sad... & THATS whats overated... most songs you hear in this industry has to do with sex and all... Its rare to find a musician/artist who doesnt always sing about sex, but theyre life experiences whether it being always about relationships and all... At least she not always singing about sex. Thats probably one of the reasons why people are drawn to her because shes different.. She doesnt have to show off her body in an arrogant, over exagerated way to make herself seem sexy and "older" thats immature... one of the mistakes miley is making... acting "sexy" doesnt prove your older thats just plain immature.. shes got alot to learn... Not evryone is liked in this world so alot of people might not like taylor swift for whatever reason they can come up with... Theyre like ohh shes always acting innocent thats just an act.. shes not a virgin... Ummm we dont know that because we dont personally know her... I don't think shes slut-ish... It doesn't make her slut for hanging with jake s.. i a lot of girls in there early 20's like older guys...we don't even know if shes going out with jake s. for sure... just because she was seen hanging out with i tell you these stars cant hang out with any guys just to hang out without there being some kind of speculation of them being an item... lol only time will tell if they're really dating... one outing cant say they are...& we don't know if she slept with john mayor.... its none of our business frankly... we don't know her personally so.. we don't know for sure if shes a virgin or not... all people can do is continue to assume and speculate :) I think shes classy... She sure does not act or dress like a slut though..even though shes dated many guys doesn't make her a slut.. a slut is when you sleep around all the time.. we don't know if she sleeps around all the time so we don't know if shes a slut or not.. therefore people shouldn't be calling her a slut when they don't know if she is one for sure... they just assume...again we don't know her that personallyyy so.... WE DON'T KNOW FOR SURE..... :) Theres your answer... everything else saying yes or no.. is not an answer at all but an opinion or speculation or people assuming :) but w/e.... thats life :) not evryone is liked... but anyway I odnt think she overarted jusy because shes popular right now and evryhwere...people have noticed something different and intriguing about this artist so thats probably one of the reasons why shes liked... :) Sex in this music industry is whats overated not taylor in my opinion :) & if you dont like her or her music then dont listen - its as simple as that :) sorry for the long novel lol but I was just stating my opinion like the rest of you... :)