Lisa Rinna Loves Her New New Lips!

Lisa Rinna Loves Her New New Lips!-photo

Lisa Rinna's luscious lips always had people talking, but recently she decided to go under the knife and repair a botched silicone injection she had received years earlier.

After undergoing surgery a couple months ago, Lisa is happy to show off her newly reduced kisser. Pucker up!

Lisa told us:

This is what my lip looks like 2 1/2 months after the surgery. I am so happy I had to share!!!! Thank you all for watching the finale of Harry Loves Lisa and going on the journey with me!!!

Lookin' good lady!

And check out this bonus video of Harry making Lisa a "mexican smoothie" - yum!

What do you think of Lisa's lips? Hit the comments and share your thoughts!



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  • mare10

    Dear Lisa and Harry, I am NOT a fan of reality shows. I find them pretentious and stupid ,frankly.. That is until I "found" Harry Loves Lisa. You are 2 of the most genuine, loving , down to earth couples I have ever seen on TV or in my town for that matter. Your love is obvious. Harry, your fears and concerns are something we "plain folk" can identify with. Lisa, your positive attitude is inspiring. The way you , as a couple, are raising your 2 beautiful girls is heartwarming. Face it, they are children of privilege, yet are very well grounded and totally normal kids. Lisa, your bravery to have your lip surgery , open to the whole world,was incredibly inspiring and brave. It looks magnificent.You are a stunning woman with or without the lip. It's no one's business, but yours and your family. I HATE the vultures that love to "feed off of your everyday lives. I despise them and anyone who reads their trash.When your Mom came out to take care of you and you said. "There's nothing like a Mom's love", I cried. I lost my beloved Mom 4 years ago and you are so right. NO ONE loves you like your Mom and you are teaching your girls the same thing. Until your show, I only "knew "the two of you as typical Hollywood cardboard cut-outs. NOTHING could be farther from the truth. I am so impressed, with your morals, character and genuine behavior, that I allow MY girls to watch your show. Your love for each other and your down to earth philosophy, regarding raising children, is genuinely amazing and difficult to do. I have NEVER written to a Hollywood couple's blog before and I can't believe that I am doing it now. BUT, I had to tell you that you are an inspiration to all parents and all husbands and wives. You and Harry complement each other so beautifully and your love is an inspiration. Life is not easy whether you are an actor or a Special Ed teacher and State Trooper (me and hubby), but you are awesome. Thank you for being you. We wish you all the best and God bless you and your beautiful family. Harry, I hope you get the role on Army Wives!. Sincerely, Marianne