Is Selena Gomez Team Edward or Team Jacob?

There comes a time in the life of any Twi-hard when he or she must make an important decision: Team Edward or Team Jacob? Incredibly well-mannered, auburn-eyed immortal vampire or hot-blooded, lovably furry werewolf with incredible abs? Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner?

Celebuzz’s own Teen Queen Selena Gomez has declared her Twilight allegiance, telling Britain’s Top of the Pops (via OceanUp) this week that she is… drumroll please… Team Edward! But to clarify, it is R-Patz’s gentlemanly character, not R-Patz himself, that makes Selena blush.

“When I watched the first Twilight film, I definitely liked Edward. Do I think Robert Pattinson is hot? I think Edward, his character, is,” she said.

Selena and her BFF Taylor Swift may continue to drool over Lautner in real life, but she isn’t letting her personal relationship with T-Laut get in the way of her Twilight sensibilities.

“I can’t help being in Team Edward! But Taylor is great in the movies, too… He’s super-talented,” she told Top of the Pops.

Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob? Make your loyalty known in the poll below.