Kim Kardashian Confesses Her Fashion Crimes (VIDEO)

Who would’ve thought that fashion-plate Kim Kardashian used to commit the ultimate fashion crime: returning clothes that she had previously worn.

Kim confessed her fashion sins on Thursday to Jay Leno during her appearance on The Tonight Show.

“It’s not right. Now that I own a store, I realize it’s probably not the best thing to do,” Kim told Jay, “It’s not morally right, so I don’t recommend it—but I think everyone’s done it.”

Well, there’s no denying that. Watch Kim’s appearance on The Tonight Show below..

Kim may admit to her previous crimes, but she issued a fair warning to ladies who try to pull similar stunts at Dash.

“People give the most ridiculous reasons [for returning clothes],” Kim explains, “Some people just lie and say that they never wore it…or that’s what I would do.”

But would Kim ever confront a customer to her face? “Maybe to our sisters when they leave and we’d be like, ‘They so wore that.'”

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