What’s Up With Those Red ‘Harry Potter’ Poppy Pins?

Americans may have been befuddled by the red pins worn by Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe and rest The Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows cast at the film’s British premiere on Thursday, but Brits and Canadians are probably very familiar with this tradition.

The reason behind the pins? Remembrance Day, a holiday that is set aside to remember war veterans, much like the American holiday of Veterans Day. The Deathly Hallows premiere just so happened to fall on Remembrance Day (November 11) and thus all of the film’s stars wore red poppy pins on the red carpet.

The red poppy has become a symbol for Remembrance Day thanks to the popular Canadian war poem, “In Flanders Fields.” In the poem, the poppies are meant to symbolize blood shed during World War I. Listen to a reading of “In Flanders Field” below.

The poppies are often made from fabric or paper and sold by the Royal British Legion in the UK. The poppies are so popular in the UK that they have become one of the main sources of income for the Royal British Legion.

Isn’t it nice that the Harry Potter stars stuck to traditions to remember their country’s war veterans?

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