Vintage Taylor Momsen Footage (VIDEO)

Vintage Taylor Momsen Footage

We know this might be hard to believe, but before Taylor Momsen became a fan of black raccoon eyes and risque fashion (and life) choices, she too was once a young child.

Think we're full of it? Feast your eyes on this video of T-Moms in a Shake and Bake commercial from way back in the day.

So adorable. What went wrong?!

What do you think of this vintage footage of T-Moms? Hit the comments and let us know!



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  • Gina

    Oh, people, please...don't you know a publicity-hungry fame-whore when you see one? (She WAS a super-cute kid, though!)

  • dafish11

    wow it shows us what young hollywood starlets turnout to be!! look at lindsey, her, demi, miley, brittany. there perfect examples of the bad side of hollywood and fame! what a sad sad shame

  • M

    NOTHING went wrong! She's more genuine and honest concerning her interests, pursuits, and presentation than any other young entertainer, especially those from the Disney Meat Grinder! I wish her success and the ability to maintain such integrity.

  • Jenny

    I don't think she's going to be a 'Shake 'N' Bake' mom... LOL That was sososo cute though :))

  • LylaRoberts

    this is so adorable haha i had to watch it twice!! i really don't like who she has turned into now. i mean-i'm into the whole rock thing but she has gone way too far, especially because the public sees her like that ;(

  • maria

    why dont she just go back to the way she was before and live the best of life and stop wearing too much makeup that makes her look like a sult

  • Loli

    People are too hard on Momsen in general. She is a teen in the spotlight who obviously felt exploited by her parents who used her as a meal ticket since she was 2. She is pursuing her own desires (music) which reflects her angst and is symbolic of her independence. Kids rebel against BS every day - she is just doing it publically and does not want to kowtow to the restraints put on her by former image makers. Let her have her big F-you. She'll work out the kinks over time.

  • Herman Bumfudle
    Herman Bumfudle

    lol. cute!

  • sym135

    I know what went wrong...she ate that crap as a kid. yup

  • kopns

    Whatever. I think she's just an angsty teen. She can't do anything about the bad decisions her parents may have made, but she can choose to move on and make the best of what she has now and in the future. I guarantee the Olsen twins had it worse, and still Mary-Kate said that while she wouldn't wish her childhood on anyone, she also wouldn't trade it for the world. Taylor needs to stop the pity party and use her fame and money to do something good for herself and others. She can even quit the business if she hates it so much.

  • adedreamz

    What a cutie!

  • RF

    I know what went wrong...she ate that crap as a kid.

  • Sara

    But thats the problem, She accuses her parents to sing in agency too young, when she was 2 years old. She said, she didnt have a normal infancy. I think her parents did wrong, " Oh we have a little blondie blue-eyes girl, let make money with this" Thats why, she is all crazy like today.... I would just put my kid in an agency if she want it....