Best Coast at The Troubadour (PHOTOS)

Christina Uzzardi: It was a tough call. Which was I more excited about: scoring a ticket to one of the two sold out Best Coast shows at the historic Troubadour in L.A., or, finally see what my new Windows 7 Phone was capable of? Probably a combo of both.

Hailed as one of the biggest newcomers of 2010 and voted #4 on The UK’s NME “Cool List,” Bethany Cosentino and her three peace of laid-back cali-loving band mates delivered, and so did my phone! Overflowing with anxious fans (and heavy incense smoke, something I could have lived without), Bethany opened the set this past Sunday with a nearly heart-breaking, harmonizing version of “Crazy For You.” And the crowd was eating it up. I managed to weasel my way through the crowd, up the stairs and get an aerial shot of the band during an energetic version of “Boyfriend.” Sorry, for those of you I pushed in a frenzy to snap my pics, I had to get a shot! I also managed to record a few songs with my Windows 7 Phone’s camcorder! And the best part of the night (pun intended): I got to email the photos immediately to my friends at home who weren’t so lucky and couldn’t score a ticket before they sold out. It was my pleasure to report the entire experience for the team. And though I wish they were there to enjoy this with me, my trusty new Windows Phone is a good friend and someone I’ll be bringing out more often.

And so the rest of the story goes: me and my Windows phone enjoyed a beautiful California night, Best Coast’s entire set, and an amazing, hair-raising three song encore which Bethany emotionally dedicated to all her fans. If you don’t believe me, we have the pictures (and video) to prove it. I know you’re jealous.

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