Daniel Radcliffe Sings! (VIDEO)

Daniel Radcliffe: Actor. Anti-bullying activist. Universally adored wizard. Singer?

As he prepares for the release of his latest movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, the 21-year-old star appeared on the BBC’s The Graham Norton Show on Friday to promote his upcoming film—and unleash his vocal prowess.

While seated with Colin Farrell and Rihanna, Radcliffe busted out his version of the Tom Lehrer novelty song “The Elements,” rattling off the periodic table in rapid-fire pace. Could a duet with Ri-Ri be in the works?

Watch D-Rad unleash his mad flow in the video below, and check out Lehrer’s original version below. How do you think Radcliffe fared? Let us know in the comments section.