Jake Gyllenhaal Rents Private Jet for Taylor Swift

British newspaper The Sun reports that Prince of Persia actor Jake Gyllenhaal dropped about $160,000 over the weekend to fly his latest flame, Fearless songbird Taylor Swift, on a private jet from the United States to England so he could spend a little “us” time with her. Who says you can’t put a price on love?

Swift was due in London on Sunday to perform at the Radio 1 Teen Awards, but according to the Sun, Gyllenhaal, who was in town to promote his new movie Love and Other Drugs, ponied up for a private flight for her on Friday so that they could be together. A source spills,

“Jake wanted some quality time with Taylor. If he hadn’t done this, they would have missed each other as he had to fly back to the States. He hired a jet which would easily have set him back £100,000.”

For that kind of money, the in-flight meal service hopefully consisted of more than a couple of impossible-to-open bags of peanuts.

According to the paper, Swift and Gyllenhaal spent most of the weekend holed away in Jake’s hotel suite at the Dorchester.

Since news broke that the couple—since deemed Swyllenhaal by popular consensus—began dating last month, the pair’s get-togethers have reportedly been fairly modest affairs. (Apple picking, anyone?) Things must be getting serious, if Jake is willing to lay out that kind of dough for an enchanted evening with his new lady-love.

Do you think Swyllenhaal is a celebrity couple destined for the ages, or are they bound to go the same doomed path of so many other short-lived show-biz hookups? Let us know in the comments section.