Today’s Stars as Kids in Commercials (VIDEOS)

In the wake of footage of Gossip Girl starlet Taylor Momsen’s stint as the adorable spokesperson for Shake ‘N Bake when she was just 3 years old, Celebuzz got a bit nostalgic about celebrity kid commercials. So many of today’s biggest stars — from Kristen Stewart to Taylor Lautner — got their start shilling based on their adorable looks.

So, Celebuzz has compiled a video collection of other celebs who started their careers in commercials … and man is it cute!. Enjoy!:

Dakota Fanning makes a mess in her silver screen debut for Tide.

Kristen Stewart takes viewers for a ride (in style) for this Porsche commercial.

Tony the Tiger coaches Taylor Lautner to victory in this Kellogg’s commercial.

Leighton Meester may turn heads on Gossip Girl, but she needed a little help from Clearasil in this ad.

Drew Barrymore parties with the Pillsbury Dough Boy in her early acting years.

Sarah Michelle Gellar sings up Seasons Greetings for Burger King.

Lindsay Lohan goes ape for Jell-O Grape.

Seth Green hits the mall with a Nerf slingshot in this mid-90s spot.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s personality pops in this early ad for Bubble Yum.

Jack Black flexes his early acting chops in a spot for Pitfall.

See if Haley Joel Osment’s turn as a spokesperson for Kraft is adorable or cheesy.