Celebrities Fill Up My Windows Phone at the ‘Burlesque’ Premiere

Michelle Skowronek: It’s any girl’s dream to stand on the red carpet with a music icon like Cher and the pop diva we all grew up with, Christina Aguilera! Decked in my own red carpet attire (a black mini dress and heels) fully equipped with my Windows Phone, I was ready to snap at any celebrity who walked by at the Burlesque premiere. And I did!

Reporters lined the carpet with their microscopic lens that could magnify every pore on a celebrities face. Screaming fans stretched across Hollywood Blvd. added to the picturesque atmosphere of glitz, glamour and mayhem.

And while everyone was screaming at Christina and Kathy Griffin, I was waiting for my moment of glory, dying to get a photo of one of the A-listers. Sadly, Christina didn’t stop for a picture. But I did get photos with some of the dancers in the movie! 

All the ladies from the film looked hot in feathers, glitter and heels to the max. I even spoke with Brad Goreski from The Rachel Zoe Project about how he would have dressed the Burlesque girls.

More glitter, more feathers, more everything, more hair, more lashes. More! More! More!” he said.

All I knew was that I wanted more of Brad — hence his lovely photo taken with my handy-dandy phone. I’m so lucky the pictures came out great! Now, I can share them with all my friends on Facebook and Twitter. Kudos, Windows, for a fabulous night of star gazing on the red carpet!

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