P!nk Confirms to Ellen That She's Pregnant

P!nk Confirms to Ellen That She's Pregnant-photo

It's official! Singer P!nk and hubby Carey Hart are expecting a little one.

The mother-to-be taped an appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" that will air Wednesday, November 17th and confirmed that she is indeed expecting their first child.

Ellen asks the "So What" singer why she has a certain glow, to which she responded "I'm eating for two these days." She reveals the reason she kept the news secret until now was that she suffered a previous miscarriage and was nervous about going public, adding this blessed event was not an "oops" and was definitely planned for.

As for the baby's gender, P!nk tells Ellen "I don't think I want to know [the sex of the baby] but the doctor kind of told me what she thinks. I'm terrified because she thinks it's a girl."

Congrats to the happy couple- raise your glass!

Check out tomorrow's Ellen for all the exciting details.

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  • jackie

    who the hell got you pregnet?

  • ashh00

    Yay Pink! You'll be a great mother.

  • Louise Carpenter
    Louise Carpenter

    Woot so happy for P!nk.....and I know she will be an awesome Mum. Pink is a wonderful kind person and does a lot for others. She rocks in more ways thanone!

  • Loz180

    [quote=Rob Shadix] Have you ever heard the song My Vietnam? Well that means nothing it's more family potter not my vietman

  • Rob Shadix
    Rob Shadix

    wait why is she terrified if its a girl? Have you ever heard the song My Vietnam?

  • LozzaBIntoPink

    wait why is she terrified if its a girl? Do you remember what she said about herself as a child...? Your daughter will be 10 times worse than what you were as a teenager! :D That's probably why! I have a 10 yr old now... I understand already what my mother meant...

  • dafish11

    wait why is she terrified if its a girl?

  • sue ( australia)
    sue ( australia)

    yay a little pink bundle on the way :)