Rihanna Rocks MTV’s ‘The Seven’ in Times Square (PHOTOS)

When your new album is named Loud, why not celebrate its release by shutting down Times Square and inviting fans to a hopping, high-energy concert on MTV’s The Seven? That’s precisely what Rihanna did on Monday in New York City!

The eternally fierce pop star sported long red hair and a funky tribal jacket for her two-set live concert on The Seven, performing “Only Girl (In the World”) and “Say My Name.” True to the title of her new album, her fans got as loud as they could.

“This album was my way of expressing myself to the fans. That’s why I called it Loud,” she told The Seven. “It’s really attention-grabbing. It’s in your face.”

Celebuzz captured Rihanna’s rocking performance on Microsoft’s hot new Windows phone. Click through for the photo gallery of RiRi rocking “Only Girl” in Times Square and jump below to witness the excitement for yourself via video.

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