What to Expect from William and Kate’s Wedding

As the world continues to shriek with excitement over the news of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s engagement, there’s certainly already an army of people getting to work on planning their sure-to-be-epic wedding — and also the couple’s life thereafter. Celebuzz was able to speak with PopEater’s Naughty But Nice columnist Rob Shuter, who for years has been an avid royal-watcher, about what the public should expect from the wedding, the lead-up to it and the publicity frenzy surrounding it.

Shuter tells Celebuzz that while the engagement was just announced, that doesn’t mean that the wedding planning is just beginning now. “Quite often with the royal family, all these plans exist in advance … I think everyobody knew these two were going to get married. It’s not like me or you booking a hall for our wedding – they have full use of the Abbey whenever they want it,” Shuter said.

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As many have speculated, the wedding will likely be massive “probably be at the Abbey or at St. Paul’s Cathedral,” Shuter says.

Regarding the bride-to-be’s dress, Shuter says that Kate is “more modern and less girly than Princess Diana was, so I imagine it will be a British designer, but not a big ball gown like Diana wore. It will be a beautiful white dress, but it won’t have that big train or be poofy.”

Engagement rumors have followed the couple for years, but according to Shuter, there was a moment recently that should have been a tip-off to any avid Royal watcher.

“I think the best indications were a couple of weeks ago when they were at a friends’ wedding and they broke from the pack and walked outside, clearly to show the press and to have their picture taken. That photo … was sort of a royal indication that something big was going to happen.”

According to Shuter, the royal family “loves” Kate, and while Diana was the main attraction in her marriage, that won’t be the case this time.

“She won’t work — her job will be being his wife, and from what I know about Kate, she’s quite happy with that. It’s a full time job being a wife to the future king … That’s what’s going to make her so much more suited for the royal family, because the star of this show is going to be William, not Kate.”