How Kate Middleton’s Life Will Change With Engagement

In the space of just one day, Kate Middleton’s life has been turned completely upside-down when she and Prince William announced their engagement on Tuesday.

For royals (and future royals), an engagement means much more than simply getting married. “Commoners” like Kate have to adapt themselves to living in the public eye and becoming a physical symbol of English traditions for their country.

Now that Kate is a princess-to-be (and possible future Queen) she will immediately be given four bodyguards from Scotland Yard who will shadow her 24-7. While the security detail means a welcome respite from the paparazzi for Kate, it also means a loss of privacy and a constant reminder of her new public role.

Kate was given a taste of her new public life when she and William gave their first public interview on Tuesday evening. The post-engagement appearance marked Kate’s first television interview.

Watch a clip from the interview below to find out how William proposed to Kate.

Since Kate is a commoner (i.e., not from a royal family) she will also have to deal with adapting to the royal family protocol. That means no more nights out clubbing with her girlfriends and always being on hand for official events.

Kate been dating William for nine years, so she already has some experience with the expectations of the senior royal family. However, now that she has officially been ushered into the royal family, she will be expected to perfect her manners and behavior or else face scrutiny in the press.

As seen in the interview, Kate is already very well-mannered and elegant so refining her behavior will probably not be that difficult.

Kate will also be tasked with preparing for her highly-anticipated royal wedding. Judging by the size of Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ wedding, Kate will have a lot of planning to do.

Watch a clip from Princess Di’s wedding below.

Once Kate marries into the royal family, she will be given a title. Many royal watchers expect her to be given a Duchess title depending on which new Dukedom William is given on their wedding day. (Royal men typically receive a Dukedom on their wedding day.)

Possible titles include the Duchess of Clarence, Cambridge, Connaught or Sussex. If William rejects the Dukedom, Kate will be referred to as HRH Princess Catherine (or Kate) of Wales.

Still, Kate will most likely be referred to as Princess Kate in the press.

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