James Franco Gets Silly ‘Your Highness’ Trailer (VIDEO)

It’s easy to forget at times that in addition to writing books, hosting his own solo art exhibits and earning multiple master’s degrees simultaneously, James Franco still makes movies.

The trailer for his upcoming flick, Your Highness, looks like a stoned version of The Princess Bride. In this Medieval comedy, Franco teams up with funnyman Danny McBride, as brother Thadeus who lacks both tack and courage, to go on an unholy quest to save a hapless maiden from an evil wizard with a penchent for profanity. Zooey Deschanel co-stars as the damsel in distress, and Natalie Portman appears as a lethal, bow-and-arrow wielding (and thong-sporting) vixen.

The movie is directed by David Gordon Green, who worked with Franco on the drug-themed Pineapple Express. Your Highness hits theaters on April 8, 2011.

(Warning: NSFW due to terrible language. You must enter your birthdate before watching.)