Lindsay Lohan ‘Furious’ Over Dina’s ‘Today’ Appearance

Lindsay Lohan might be making amends with papa Michael—but now it appears that her mother, Dina Lohan, is in the doghouse.

TMZ reports that Lohan, 24, who’s currently undergoing rehab treatment at the Betty Ford Center, is livid over the fact that Dina aired LiLo’s dirty laundry on Today earlier this month, against Lindsay’s wishes.

According to sources, Lohan is “furious” with her mother, and as a result of the interview she’s begun to realize that Dina might be at the root of many of her problems.

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During her interview with Matt Lauer, Dina confirmed that she believes Lindsay is an addict, despite previous denials, explaining,

“When I first came [on the Today show], initially that [being an addict] was for Lindsay to admit. As a mother, it wasn’t for me to come tell the world about her problem. That was for her to do. I wasn’t in denial by far … for me as a mother, I protect … You protect as a parent.”

According to the sources, Dina’s televised betrayal has also led Lindsay to consider that her mother’s demonization of her father, Michael, might not be entirely accurate, and that both parents share the blame for the troubles she’s found herself in—an assertion that Michael Lohan himself made several weeks ago.

Check out the appearance below:

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